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        1. Welcome to the official website of Hebei Haichuan pulp molding manufacturing Co., Ltd

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          Industrial packaging


          Pulp molding is a kind of three-dimensional paper-making technology, which takes pulp as raw material and shapes a certain shape of paper products on the mold. It is completed by pulping, absorption molding, drying and finalizing. Originally, pulp molding products used to be the liner material for the inner packaging of commodities, which have the advantages of low cost, good protection performance for commodities, no pollution to the environment, recyclable and so on. It is a typical green packaging As a packaging product, it is widely used in the packaging of disposable tableware, fresh eggs, fruits, flowers, crops, glass products, ceramic products, electronic products, handicrafts, medical devices, mechanical equipment parts and other fragile products.

          The output of pulp molding equipment we can provide can be divided into 800-1200 pieces per hour, 2000-3000 pieces per hour, 3000-4000 pieces per hour, 4000-6000 pieces per hour, and 7000 pieces per hour. In addition, for large-scale package products, when the height exceeds 10 cm, we can use our d1000 to meet the needs of customers.

          • ZB1000







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          Company name: Hebei Haichuan pulp molding manufacturing Co., Ltd

          Address: Zhangjiazhuang Industrial Zone, Gaocheng, Shijiazhuang

          Business: R & D, production, sales of egg tray machine, pulp molding equipment, work package equipment, egg tray, pulp package products, etc.

          Contact information:

          Fixed line: + 86 311 89195866

          Contact person: Tara Liu

          Whatsapp and wechat: 0086-15230062063

          Email: haichuanmachinery@163.com

          Website: www.xinyuanbb.cn

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